e-mobility at the Swiss Mail Service


The Swiss Postal Service has invested over the years in smal trikes powerd by electomotors. In a close collaboration with the company Kyburz, the Swiss Postal Service has delepoped a delivery system, which is appreciated by its employees and customers for the following reasons:

  • Silence
  • Easy of handling
  • Low maintainance
  • Robust

Apart from the optimzation of the electric mobility in the context of a postal service. The campany Kyburz also adressed environment questions. In a video the company adresses the question of batterie recycling.

  • When to recycle the batterie ?
  • How to mitigate the risc of transporting batteries to a collection point ?
  • How to finance the recycling / disosal ?

In the following video Kyburz shows the results of its investigation. I found in particular interesting that in China seems to be the beginnning of a battery recycling industry is emerging.

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